Our first Fila, DISA Lesni zatisi, came to us on 1. December 1993. We are members of the FILA BRASILEIRO CLUB CZ since then.
Speaking about virtues of our breeding stock, we can mention their nicely modelled heads, wide chest, temperament, exact movement and a ideal crossfall.
The puppies are grown as pets, with all-day care. They leave our kennel at 9 months or later, provided with basic outfit, i.e. FCI pedigree, international vaccination certificate and the contract of purchase. Every puppy leaves with the package with food dose for at least one week, in order to minimize the stress and possible indigestion.
Along with the documents, the new owners are given with the current breed standard and written instructions how to care and handle the new family member. It is a matter of fact that the new owners can ask us for a help or advice about
upbringing the puppy. Many of our dogs are excellent at shows. We've found a lot of new friends, and it is always a pleasure to have a chat, especially about their success.
Every Fila breeder contemplates carefully, if the puppy will receive the care it deserves. It may happen, even not often, that we have to recomend another more suitable pet to the interested person.

Please remember, Fila Brasilero is not suitable breed for everyone!

We wish you, happy Fila owners and future owners,
many success in breeding and showing.
Enjoy the time with your friend, your dog.