I spent my childhood in a family where both my parents dedicated their leisure to their greatest hobby - hunting and training hunting dogs.

CESKY FOUSEK (Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon)
Cesky Fousek is an all-round pointer. According to the original unerlying idea, it is the top performer in field, forest and water.
His abilites cover searching game in large area, pointer work, tracking shot-up game and fetching, simply retireving the game to the master. In forest or water, Fousek is tracking and battuing the game. Feather game is forced to take-off. Fousek is exceptionlay useful in tracking; he makes no compromise while searching the game even at the hardest conditions.
Due to that, Cesky Fousek is not just a pointer, but really an all-round hound dog. He is useful in any kind of hunting, in any weather, being the irreplaceable helper in many situations. Thanks to these features, the hunter can perform his work according to fundamentals and wildlife protection.

The all-rouder dog must be intelligent and smart - so Fousek does. He is able to adjust himself to different and changing situaion. Beside the passion for hunt, the balanced and quiet nature is required for concentrated performance. He must be sturdy enough to work in shallow water and thick cane or thornbush. Fousek must be able to work standalone, without a direct command of his master.
Fousek can be stalled in pen, but he can be your family member as well. He is watchful but friendly, kind-hearted and peaceful. He doesn't show any signs of aggresivity neither against people nor dogs. He loves children and he can easily participate in family life.

Due to his strong hunting passion, Fousek should never be kept in a city flat without any exercise. He just need his work to be happy.

Ceský Fousek is always self-confident. His look is always clear, clever an unaggressive. His expression shows nobility. His dark brown eyes express his loyalty and will to follow his master everywhere.

If you decide for Cesky Fousek, giving him enough exercise and work, you gain very pleasant companion which gives you plenty of joy. He can be your rugged but full-hearted friend.

"It is an all-round dog,
only he can't fit in the earth !"

Bohumil Petrik