I train and prepare all whippets for the following exams:

The most suitable age to start the training by both male and female dogs is about 6 months. The start of the training has to be really soft, on the other hand, the dog has no bad habits and the trainig is easier than with older dogs. The older dogs often come to us, just when the owner did his/her best - and failed. The dog has many vices then, e.g. bad draw-down or escaping, fetching, denial of the game and often even disobedience.

I do train two dogs per year only. Dogs in training are accomodated in 3 x 5 meter kennels; they need about 1/2 year to get ready for the exams.

The price of the training varies from 275.- to 400.- EUR, including accomodation, nutriton and successfull exam confirmed by the certificate.

The price and time needed for the training depends on dog's owner expectations and work requirement.

Personal contact is required.